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there...was born from a notion that every moment should be passionately experienced and lived. Here, dinner is not a moment in time each day; it is a creative, dynamic experience. From our menu to our handcrafted cocktails, fun and adventure are at our core. Here, we take risks, encouraging our community to drop their guard and give into the service.  We hope to see you there...


our food will make you say


$9crispy brussels sprouts  GF
flash fried leaves with a finished sprinkle of sea salt

$10spicy cauliflower
tempura battered, dressed with habanero syrup and fresh mint

$9shishito peppers GF
flash fried, finished with honey and sea salt

$mpoysters GF
roatating premium selections, served on the half shell

act I

tostadas (2) organic corn chip topped with your choice of protein

wild tuna tartar$14
siracha aioli, cucumber, tobiko

smoked beets  $11
tahini, citrus zest, mint

$12wagyu tartar
shallot, pickle, egg yolk, yellow mustard, white sesame

steamed buns (2) bao bun filled with your choice of protein

shiitake Mushroom$12
cocnut hoisin and scallions

spicy duck  $12
sambal aioli, scallion

$14wagyu cheesesteak
smoked cheddar, peppers and onions

lettuce wraps (2) butter lettuce cup filled with your choice of protein

crispy chicken GF$12
spicy honey, pickled shallot, cucumber, black sesame

return of the mac  GF$11
impossible beef, american cheese, special sauce, sesame

elk  $12
ginger, crispy garlic, yuzu soy, sesame

act II

small sharing - small dishes to be enjoyed together

patatas bravas GF without add ons
crispy potatoes, aji amarillo, garlic, tomato, parsley       
                                    $10  ....add soft egg $2 ....  add crema $2

$12mezze salad GF
cucumber, olive tapenade, citrus, herbs, and pita

$12summer salad GF
mixed greens, seasonal fruit, vinaigrette

add turnips and beets   $5
add crispy chicken   $7
add scottish salmon  $9

kushiyaki - two grilled skewers with house dipping sauces  

$14scottish salmon GF
wasabi-coconut cream sauce, scallion, sesame

$14prawn GF
aji amarillo cream cheese, pickled ginger, celery

$14wagyu GF
horseradish whipped cream

MPsummer veggie GF
ask about seasonal ingredients presentation

act III

sharing entrees - large dishes to be enjoyed together

$24PEI mussels
red curry, lager, cilantro, blue grouse baguette

MPburrata plate
ask about seasonal ingredients presentation

$28wild tuna poke bowl
wild tuna, jasmine rice, cucumber, avocado, daikon sprouts, pickled veggies, spicy mayo and furikame

vegan option   $18

wagyu + greens $40
8oz zabatone cut, mixed organic greens, balsamic, white truffle

we are proud to feature:

Colorado Elk & Game, Organic Greens, Niman Ranch Farms,  Redbird Farms, Red Top Farms, Snake River Farms

GF = gluten free | Ⓥ = vegan



5 to 6 pm


RED + WHITE    $7







vodka and sake, shaken with ginger and garnished with cucumber

grapefruit $13
gin and elderflower liqueur, fresh grapefruit and lime juice, garnished with lime zest

apricot crisp  $13
apricot jam, lychee juice, campari, topped with prosecco

$13bellini martini
vodka and peach liqueur, peach puree and fresh lime juice

$13bitter mango
vodka and campari, mango puree, and fresh lime juice

$13spiced apple
rye whiskey and ginger cognac liqueur, local apple cider, lime juice, nutmeg zest

$13jalapeno kiss
tequila, lychee juice, fresh lime juice and muddled jalopenos

jam drinks  $12 

choose a jam...

maine blueberry

red pepper 


tomato and bacon

choose a spirit

vodka, gin, rum, tequila, rye

Please come visit us for this and more offerings...

black list 

sotol blanco, violette liqeuer, luxardo maraschino, fresh citrus

"not the" grapefruit$15
jalepeno tequila, fresh lime, tagarashi-sea salt, grapefruit raddler sidecar

pina verde $15
mezcal vida, pineapple, green chartreuse, maraschino, lime

gin, montenegro, amaro nonino, fernet

$16new york sour 
law's rye, organic egg white, fresh citrus, red wine finish

mezcal, torres orange, sambal, blood orange puree, and fresh lime juice

redemption rye, amaro nonino, orange liqueur, lemon, orange and angosura bitters

bougie classics 

patagonian fizz$16
trakkal patagonia spirit, chareaur aloe liqueur, cage free eggwhite, mediterranean tonic, fresh lime

improved flatliner$18
patron repasado, espresso liqueur, nitro cold brew, vanilla-cream liqueur

basil hayden old fashioned $18

basil hayden bourbon, brown sugar, aromatic bitters, orange zest

$16the devil's doorbell
jalapeno tequila, pineapple, coconut, green chartreuse, cilantro

$18old oaxaca
vago "elote" mezcal, brown sugar, aztec chocolate bitters, lemon twist

$18law's sazerac
law's rye, cognac, st. george absinthe, peychard and angostura bitters, demerara, orange twist

$20campfire manhattan
high west campfire whiskey, carpano antica, angostura bitters, maraschino cherry


red by the glass

cotes du rhone$12
saint cosme, 2018 (france)

cinsault $14
buckel family, 2016 (colorado

rioja  $15
marques de murrieta "riserva," 2014 (spain)

$15pinot noir
benton lane, 2015 (w

piatteli vineyards "grand riserva," 2016 (argentina)

$18cabernet sauvignon 
daou, 2017 (paso robles)

$25brunello di montalcino
caprazo, 2014 (italy)

mauro molino, 2015 (la morra)

white by the bottle

selbach oster, 2017 (germany)                                                                              $75

grossot, 2016 (france)                                                                                        $75

Paul prieur et fils, 2017 (France)                                                                        $100

sauvignon blanc
mary edwards, 2015 (Russian River Valley)                                                        $100

kistler, 2013 (sonoma coast)                                                                              $125

bubbles by the bottle

sparkling white (local)
sutcliffe vineyards "dessert bubbles"                                                                   $75

rose champagne
moet chandon, n.v. (france)                                                                               $125

champagne blanc-de-blanc
ruinart, n.v. (france)                                                                      $150/75 (half-bottle)

champagne brut
dom perignon, 2008, (france)                                                                               $400

white by the glass

charles smith "kung fu girl,"  2017 (washington)

loscano vineyards, 2018 (argentina)

albarino $13
la cana, 2018 (spain)

$15pinot grigio 
venica, 2018 (italy) 

$17sauvignon blanc 
cake bread cellars, 2019 (napa valley)

$19white burgundy
louis jadot, poully-fuisse (france)

rose and bubbles by the glass

cassonova spinnetta, 2017 (tuscany)                                                                 $16

cuvee brut
jean phillippe, 2016 (france)                                                                               $12

 rose brut
le grand courtage, n.v. (france)                                                                           $16

red by the bottle

pinot noir$75
"the calling," 2017 (russian river valley)

malbec $100
j alberto "bodega noemia," 2016 (rio negro)

pinot noir                                                                                            $125
francis tannahill, "the hermit," 2016 (dundee hills)                                         

cabernet sauvignon                                                                            $150
faust, 2016 (napa valley)

old vine zinfandel                                                                               $150
turley, 2015 (napa valley)

prada enea "grand riserva," 2011 (spain)  

benoit cantin 2015 (france) 

cabernet sauvignon                                                                           $250
paul hobbs 2013 (napa valley) 

pinot noir                                                                                            $250
kistler 2015 (sonoma coast)

Super Tuscan                                                                                      $400
sassicia 2015 (italy)



uticah club pilsner lager  $4

telluride kolsch "mountain beer"  $5

bell's robust porter  $5

weihenstephaner hefe  $6

bell's two hearted american-style IPA  $6

moosehead grapefruit raddler  $6

melvin 2x4  double ipa  $6

fence line apple cider  $8

founders breakfast stout  $9

ask about.... cellar beers and rotating drafts

na drinks

Organic Local Apple Cider  $4

Fever Tree Ginger Bee$4

Topo Chico Mineral Water  $5

Mexican Coke Classic  $5

Zuberfizz Creamy Rootbeer  $5

Zuberfizz Vanilla Cream  $5

Dram Lemongrass CBD Soda  $7

Dram Gingergrass CBD Soda  $7

na cocktails  

Dandelion herb, matcha concentrate, lemon, tonic water with XXX superior adaptogen tincture (with Ginko Biloba, Reishi, Coriolus, and Amarillo mushrooms) from Medicine Ranch for sex, sport, and stress

Valley Fog
Egg white, earl grey concentrate, activated charcoal, lemon, and lavender with XXX superior adaptogen tincture (with Ginko Biloba, Reishi, Coriolus, and Amarillo mushrooms) from Medicine Ranch for sex, sport, and stress

Immune Rescue
 Medicine Ranch’s COVID tea blend concentrate, grapefruit, mole bitters, soda with respiratory rescue tincture (Osha root, echinacea, arrowleaf, balsamroot) for respiratory and immune system health

The Pulse
 Medicine Cold brew coffee, coconut cream, lavender with rose cacao love drops tincture from Medicine Ranch 


Please come visit us for this and more offerings...


Bartender Flows

"The bartender had the right amount of warmth and sass that will keep you engaged and educated while sitting at the bar.
The small town bar/restaurant with a funky modern twist has that affect on you and conversation flows." 

My Favorite Bar and Restaurant in Telluride

"By FAR my favorite bar and  restaurant in Telluride.  Everyone that works here is SO nice and so rad. The food is REMARKABLY good. The music is DOPE. I was in town for 11 days and went to there... for at least 7."

Food Was Spectacular

"An amazing experience. I was a bit skeptical because the place is TINY, reservations are a must, but the food was spectacular. Their mezcal drink "El Diablo" was the best mezcal cocktail I've ever had!"

it's the people we serve and the people we work with that define our success

our team

there... it feels like

Located at 8750ft in the small funky town of Telluride, Colorado, there... has the feel of a storytellers tavern.  You feel like you are submerged in the cultural meeting point for locals and travelers alike.  We wanted to create a restaurant where there were no hiding places for our staff.  From our half-open kitchen to our intimate seating layout, our intent, is to encourage a playful interaction with our guests while providing an acute and attentive service.  We have a menu of playful dishes and creative cocktails from Jon Yaseen. The menu features a mix of new american dishes, and is inspired by different types of cuisine, the seasons and our purveyors. We are always rotating special dishes nightly as well as a wide spectrum of entertainment within the space.  The pursuit of passion keeps us very tangible in our process.  We have dedicated and devoted every step of our environment as a chosen sensation to keep you engaged in your experience.                                  

"Keep your arms and legs in the vehicle at all times, enjoy the ride!"

andrew tyler

"I think the staff is the most important part of our delivery of our concept and environment"

jon yaseen

"the best place to be."

enrique margulis

"It's very important to me to taste soul in the food!" 

jon yaseen


enrique margulis


jon yaseen


andrew tyler


there... is having arrived, liking what you do!

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