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Meals at There Denver are often riotous affairs, especially if you go during brunch, when the restaurant offers rotating entertainment with themes like burlesque, yoga, and bluegrass music. And while many brunchers are, ahem, there for the bottomless sangria and party vibes, we’d happily make a special trip to indulge in the quirky eatery’s wonderful brioche doughnut holes. For $7, you get three heavenly fried orbs that are crispy on their cinnamon-sugar-coated outsides, feather-soft within, and generously filled with tart, house-made raspberry–Pinot Noir jam.

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"when it comes to great under-the-radar joints around the Mile High City, there… (yes, with a lowercase “t” and the ellipsis) should be at the top of your list."

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"As big fans of the fab potatoes bravas also on the dinner menu, we're taking owner Andrew Tyler's advice make 'em rise-and-shine-worthy with the additon of the pork belly and an egg.  To drink, it's tough to pass up the bottomless sangria, but the signature Apricot Crisp with Campari, lychee juice, apricot jam, and a Prosecco float has mimosa-replacing potential."

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"Possibly the best kitchen in Denver after 10 p.m., this LoHi spot serves its full menu with some serious enthusiasm until 1 a.m. seven nights a week. Steamed buns, lettuce wraps, whole fish, Kobe beef, and so much more!"

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"For those who like to see where the night takes them, There is a good place to start out or end the evening.  This Telluride-based bar's Denver location is unassuming at the base of a LoHi apartment building.  But inside, there are shot skis, and costumes, suprisingly good food, and almost certainly a celebration of some sort waiting



Inside the 2,300 square foot space where wood, stone, steel, and fabric blend together seamlessly, there is a world physically built out by its owners to fascinate and invite lingering. The stage-like bar, a mock-up of the Telluride Opera House, is the focal point of an open room that naturally breaks into small welcoming areas for groups of various sizes. Every detail in the room has meaning or a story. Just ask.

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"Everything about There is quirky, from the name (spelled "there..." on the website) to the fact that its partners are as familiar with high-end operations as they are with bars."

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"This quirky joint with the ambiguous name is in fact a full restaurant, but the entire setup and execution have the feel of a neighborhood bar, where it only takes a visit or two before the bartenders know your name and you're tipped off to all manner of inside specials.  The menu is eclectic and ingenious, with tostadas, steamed buns, skewers and lettuce wraps making for nearly limitless combinations of small bites.  There are larger plates, too, mostly served from a nightly specials board, but those are built to be shared.  The crew behind this bar concept, which got its start in Telluride, proves that there is indeed a there there..."

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The partners didn't want to hire designers, architects and builders, so they went a different route. "We took this space and realized the only way we could do this is if we built it ourselves," Tyler says.

So Tyler learned how to use design software to create digital renderings. "Oren turned into this Amish woodworker," he adds. Everything in the space other than electrical, plumbing and gas were handled by Tyler and his team.